Shakopee Domestic Abuse Attorney Safeguarding Families Affected by Household Violence

Living in a fearful, potentially dangerous situation is extremely stressful for you, and it can be harmful for your children. While it may seem impossible to leave your situation now, it is important to seek help and understand your options and rights. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, a compassionate family law attorney can help you take the first steps. I can also assist if you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse.

At Loftness Law Office, P.A., I handle domestic abuse matters for the victims of violence in the southwest metro and surrounding communities. I am a strong advocate for my clients, standing by their side and asserting their rights in family court proceedings.

Take the First Step Toward a Healthy Home

I work with my clients to obtain temporary orders for protection (“OFP”) for them and/or their children. A temporary OFP requires the alleged abuser to stay a certain distance away from the victim, and to have no contact or limited contact with the victim. This can help the victim and their children feel safer in their home and provide a sense of stability while the family case moves forward. An OFP will be in effect for a fixed but limited time period, and I can help you to determine whether you want to continue to work on the relationship with the abuser, or if you want to end the relationship and move on.

Protect Yourself. Protect Your Children. Protect Your Rights.

If you are a victim of abuse or are in fear that you or your children are in danger of abuse, or if you have been accused of abusing another, the time to act is now. I can help resolve the issues associated with your OFP court proceeding. Contact me any time to learn more about your options and take action to protect yourself and your children. Call 952-641-7485 or reach out online.