When Is Drunk Driving A Felony In Minnesota?

When three or more aggravating factors are present in a case, individuals can be charged with felony DWI/DUI. With convictions resulting in harsh penalties in addition to the collateral consequences you face when charged with felony DUI, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney protect your rights.

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Multiple DWI/DUI Defense Attorney

When does driving while intoxicated (DWI) become a felony? If a DWI arrest occurs within 10 years of three or more prior DWI convictions or impaired license revocations, an individual can be charged with felony DWI/DUI. If someone has a previous felony DWI on his or her record, any subsequent offense can be charged as a felony. Likewise, if a person has previously been convicted of a felony-level crime of vehicular homicide or injury involving alcohol or controlled substances, they can be charged with felony DWI/DUI.

The Penalties for Felony DUI/DWI Penalties in Minnesota

The penalties for felony DWI are harsh and include mandatory minimum sentencing. Among the penalties for a felony DWI conviction are:

  • Imprisonment for up to seven years
  • A fine of up to $14,000

These penalties are in addition to a number collateral consequences, like increased insurance costs, as well as the penalties that are standard for other DWI offenses, such as driver’s license revocation, license plate impoundment, vehicle impoundment and vehicle forfeiture.

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