The Minnesota laws pertaining to impaired driving have changed over the years, and now there are both lower tolerances of alcohol and increased penalties for repeat offenses. If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI, it’s important to have an experienced attorney protecting your rights. At Loftness Law Office, P.A., in Shakopee, I protect the rights of individuals charged with drunk driving.

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The Possible Consequences

If you commit a DWI/DUI offense in Minnesota, you may face any of the following:

  1. Jail time, fines, and probation
  2. Driver’s license revocation or cancellation
  3. License plate impoundment
  4. Vehicle impoundment
  5. Vehicle forfeiture

Since your DWI/DUI could result in several or all of these consequences, you will need an attorney to address each of them with proper diligence, and represent you with experience and confidence.

Other Impacts of a DUI/DWI Conviction in Minnesota

There are many other issues that can arise following a conviction for DUI/DWI in addition to court-imposed penalties. For example, many people do not consider the impact a criminal record could have on securing employment or housing, or they fail to realize how much their car insurance rates can climb.

At Loftness Law Office, P.A., I realize the impact a DUI/DWI conviction can have on a person’s life. This is why I work hard to analyze every aspect of my clients’ cases and put forth the best defense possible.

Implied Consent Proceedings

When you have been charged with either driving while impaired or test refusal, usually your driving privileges will be revoked or canceled. You have the right to challenge the revocation through a separate legal proceeding called an Implied Consent proceeding. You have limited time to initiate the Implied Consent challenge, or you will lose your opportunity to do so.

Time is of the essence if you wish to protect your driving privileges. The sooner you call, the sooner I can get started to ensure you obtain the best outcome possible.

License Plate Impoundment and Vehicle Forfeiture

If you have multiple DWI/DUI convictions on your record, you may have concerns about being ordered to surrender your license plates, or even losing your entire vehicle. I can advise you on what to do when you receive a notice of license plate impoundment or forfeiture action with respect to your vehicle. You have the right to challenge both of these actions as well, and I can discuss with you your chances of success with these types of challenges.

Contact a Minnesota Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Considering that there are so many issues to consider as you prepare your defense for your DWI/DUI case, you should have a lawyer who will protect your rights in every aspect of your case. I will give you an honest and straightforward assessment of your overall situation, and can help guide you through an otherwise uncomfortable process.

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